Policies & Rules

Macher Aquatic Center

  1. Macher Aquatic Center staff are expected to be skilled in their jobs, courteous, respectful, and professional.
  2. Members and their guests are expected to behave in a respectful, courteous, and responsible manner.
  3. Guest passes are $7 per person for guests ages two and up.
  4. Members must accompany their guests at all times and assume responsibility for their actions.
  5. A family may bring no more than 4 guests at a time.
  6. There is no charge for nannies.
    1. A guest fee will apply for more than one nanny in the same group.
  7. Families with more than 6 members will be charged an additional $25 per person, plus tax.
  8. Parents and childcare providers must keep an especially close watch on children 5 years of age and younger.
  9. Children 10 or younger must have adult supervision.
    1. Adult must be at least 16 years old.
  10. While snacks and beverages are available, members and guests are welcome to bring coolers and picnic baskets.
  11. No glass containers on the pool deck or inside the gate.
  12. In order to pass the deep-water swim test, one must be able to swim a minimum of 60 feet.Aq Center Aerial
    1. Water tests are conducted in shallow water.
  13. No one is permitted to catch patrons jumping from the diving board.
  14. Member fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  15. Smoking, alcohol, profanity, and forearms are NOT permitted on the grounds of Macher Aquatic Center.
  16. There will be no running on the deck, nor any unsafe or illegal behavior.
    1. The decision of the Center’s management on these matters is final.
  17. Anyone 80 pounds or heavier may not use the slide.
    1. Adults may stand in the water at the end of the slide in order to catch children.
    2. Water depth is 4’6″.
    3. Children 5 and under should have an adult help them onto the ladder and onto the top seat of the side in order to prevent injuries.
  18. There will be no throwing objects to/at patrons when they are on the diving board or slide.
  19. Anyone weighing more than 170 pounds may not use the diving board.
  20. Patrons going off the diving board may not wear, carry, or jump on to flotation devices.
  21. Arm floats are not safety devices.
    1. An attending adult should be within 10 feet of the child using any flotation devices in deep water.
  22. Patrons must dress appropriately for a family swimming facility:
    1. No cut-offs, thong bikinis, etc.
  23. The Center reserves the right to revoke (without refund) a membership, should the member not comply with the policies and rules set fourth by the Center.
    1. Joanne Macher will have the final decision on this matter.


Waterslide 2Inclement Weather Policies

  • During stormy/rainy conditions, the facility will be closed for two hours and then try to reopen. If there are stormy/rainy conditions after 4 pm, the facility will be closed for the day.
  • If lightening is sighted, the pool and deck area will be
    cleared for 20 minutes. Swimming may resume after the 20 minutes if conditions are appropriate. This procedure will be repeated for a second lightening sighting. On the third sighting, the facility will close for two hours and the aforementioned procedures for stormy/rainy weather will be implemented.
  • The facility will be closed if the air temperature is 55 degrees or less, or if the water is 67 degrees or less.



General Information & Suggestions

  1. Enrolling in Swim Lessons at Macher Swim School
    1. Online registration is available
    2. Registration can also be done by calling the office at 573-875-7946
    3. A minimum of 3 students is required to hold a class
      1. Occasionally, exceptions can be made
    4. Determine the correct level for your child by referring to our course content on the Swim Lessons page, or talk to a staff member
  2. Make-up Policy
    1. Make-ups must be made within 3 months of the missed lesson(s)
    2. Making up prior to the missed lesson may be scheduled by calling the office
    3. If several classes need to be made up, but cannot be done within the next 2 weeks, ask the office for a letter of credit
  3. Letters of Credit and Refunds
    1. A letter of credit can be used at a later date
    2. Letters of Credit will be honored for 3 months past the date of the missed classes
    3. We do not normally offer refunds, but offer instead Letters of Credit to make up missed classes
  4. If classes are cancelled by Macher Swim School
    1. A make-up date will be scheduled
      1. If the make-up date does not work with your schedule, you may schedule a make-up during another class (refer to Make-up Policy when scheduling)
    2. Classes are usually cancelled for snowy/icy winter weather as well as some other rare reasons
  5. Suggestions for Parents
    1. What do I do if my child cries?
      1. Read our sheet (available at Macher Swim School) on this topic. Most children have difficulty because of parent separation and our staff are trained to make this adjustment easier.
    2. When explaining to a young child about what is expected of them at swimming lessons you might say something like this, “The teacher is there to help you, and you should try to let the teacher help you a little bit.” Being laid back and matter of fact, but unwavering is usually best.  Be sure to stay in communication with the instructor or Joanne Macher if the transition is not going smoothly.
    3. Arrive to your first class 10 minutes early to check in and make your payment
    4. Most children come and go in their swim suits when the weather is warm
    5. Dressing rooms are available
      1. Children 5 years and older should use the dressing room appropriate to their gender.
      2. Parents of the opposite gender who would like to help their child dress may use the deck restroom or the pre-school changing area on the North end of the deck
    6. Swimmers with long hair usually benefit from wearing their hair in a ponytail or in a cap. This helps keep hair out of their face while swimming.
    7. If you have questions, you may speak to your child’s instructor for a moment before or after class. Longer conversations may be directed to Joanne Macher or the instructor at another time.
    8. We stand behind our program and will do our best to make sure your child develops good swimming skills.
    9. Children learn faster by going to lessons twice per week rather than once per week. However, it is better to go once per week for several sessions rather than twice per week for only one session of lessons
    10. Just like learning any other skill, we recommend attending lessons and practicing.