Swim Lessons


At Macher Swim School, we offer swim lessons all year round, either on Mondays and Wednesdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, or once per week including Saturday morning on any day of the week.

  • Multiple Family Members Discount: When the cost of the session is $66 or more, multiple immediate family members may enjoy a $2 “token” discount each.
  • MakeUp Lessons: Make up lessons may be scheduled for missed classes for a fee of $2.00 per class for a group and $5.00 per class for an individual.
    • Make-ups should be scheduled as soon as possible after the initially scheduled class was missed. Please do not wait until the end of the session unless necessary.
    • Make up classes must be scheduled within 3 months of the originally missed class.
  • There is no charge for classes canceled by Macher in the case of inclement weather or emergencies. 
  • For adult classes, add $1 per class in the session – For example, 8 classes for a child is $85, but the same 8 classes for an adult would be $93
  • Individual children’s classes are $13.00 per class and are usually 30 minutes long.
  • Individual adult classes are $15.00 per class and are usually 45 minutes long.
  • Adult swimming lessons are offered for any level on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:00 to 7:45
  • There must be a minimum of three students in each class. Maximum student/teacher ratios are as follows:
    • Beginner & Advanced Beginner: 5/1
    • Junior Swimmer: 6/1
    • Intermediate: 7/1
    • Swim Squad: 10/1
  • Schedule changes may be made if necessary.



Curriculum for Kids Classes:

Please Call 573-875-SWIM(7946) for times

Basic Goals for your Child to Become a Good Swimmer

  • Be able to swim 500 yards or more
  • Be able to tread water for at least 15 minutes
  • Know 2 self-rescue strokes
  • Know how to use swimming as a lifetime fitness and self-rescue skill

Youth Lessons: Course Content


  • Accompanied by at least 1 parent
  • Water adjustment skills
  • Body position and balance in water
  • Back floats
  • Swimming on front
  • Jump from side and swim
  • And more



  • Water Adjustment: breath control, horizontal posture, and balance, standing and walking in water, face in water to ears
  • Kicking with board, proper body position, and propulsive kick
  • Front crawl: glide, kick, and pull to 15 feet unassisted
  • Back float and introduction of elementary backstroke
  • Jump into and climb out of pool
  • Sitting and kneeling dives into pool

Advanced  Beginners

  • Front glide and balance refinement
  • Breathing to the side with kick board
  • Unassisted front crawl with above-surface arm recovery 25 feet or more
  • Breathing to the side during front crawl
  • Unassisted back float, minimum 4 seconds
  • Elementary backstroke 10 feet or more
  • Jump from side, swim back to wall
  • Introduction of sitting, kneeling, and standing dives

Junior Swimmers

(Formerly Advanced Beginners)
  • Improve body balance and streamlining in front crawl and elementary backstroke
  • Improve breathing to the side in front crawl
  • Front crawl 50 feet or more with regular breathing pattern
  • Elementary backstroke 30 feet or more
  • Introduction of back crawl and breaststroke
  • Back float 10 seconds or longer
  • Tread water 10 seconds or longer
  • Refine kneeling and standing dive technique

Low Intermediates

  • Front crawl 100 feet or more, bilateral breathing
  • Back crawl and breaststroke 50 feet or more
  • Surface dive to 5 feet and retrieve object
  • Additional safety skills
  • Side-stroke introduction as self-rescue skill



  • Front crawl 100 yards or more, bilateral breathing
  • Back crawl, breaststroke, and sidestroke 50 yards or more
  • Introduction of butterfly, swim up to 25 feet
  • Introduction of freestyle and backstroke flip turns
  • Introduction of racing start from blocks
  • Tread with egg beater kick 1 meter or more

Swim Squad

  • Improve stroke technique in freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly
  • Learn how to use swimming as a fitness tool with training equipment and techniques
    • Pace clock
    • Use of equipment (pull buoys, hand paddle, fins)
    • Interval training, loop swimming
    • Race strategy: starts, turns, finishes
    • And more


  • Develop an ability of how to be in control in the water
    • Knowing that you are not going to control the water, but you can be in control when you are in the water. Therefore having the foundation for no longer being afraid of the water
  • Develop posture and balance skills that will support efficient swimming
  • Develop basic safety skills, water treading skills, and more
  • Improve breathing skills, coordination,  and confidence in the water
  • Develop more efficiently in swimming by working with principles of buoyancy, streamlining, and using body core
  • Develop comfortable, controlled skills in a variety of strokes
  • Refinement of front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke, back crawl, butterfly starts and turns, and more
  • Development of power, training methods, and race starts


Pre-School Swim Lesson Program

  • Macher Swim School picks up the children at their pre-school, brings them to MSS for their lesson, helps the child get ready, teaches them swimming, helps them get dressed, and returns the child to their pre-school.
    • Some pre-schools drive their children to MSS for lessons.
    • When MSS drives the children to the pool, it is done in a well-maintained 15-passenger van, driven by a trained driver with a chauffeur’s license. All children are secured into car seats or booster seats.
      • The van is kept comfortable and the pool is about approximately 88° F, therefore we recommend the children come and go to the pool in their swimsuits whenever possible.
    • When children arrive at MSS, they are unloaded at back door (which is roughly 15 feet from the building)
      • Coming in the back door separates the children from other customers and keeps them in sight of our staff at all times.
      • The children then go to their changing area (which is roughly 10 feet from the back door). They dress behind a 4-foot-tall plastic privacy screen and boys and girls are separated. Privacy is given to the children, but the staff assisting them is in full view.
      • There is a table behind the screen where the children have individual baskets for their clothes. On the floor beneath the table is a “dri deck.” This is a mat that allows water to drain away so that clothing or towels that may fall to the floor will only get damp, rather than soaking wet.
  • On swimming day, dress children in clothes that are easy to get on after they swim.
    • It is very difficult to dress 8 damp 3 or 4-year-olds
    • Small towels are easier for children to use than large ones.


Benefits of Classes

  1. Tots class
    1. Teaches parents how to help their child know to swim through Macher’s effective teaching methods
    2. Helps the parent learn how to help their child in the water safely
    3. Teaches parents about water safety for their family
    4. Encourages bonding and an enjoyable experience between parent and child
  2. Beginners & Advancing Beginners
    1. Helps meet safety and developmental needs of children 3-6 years old
    2. If older children are at this level, we will work with them at their age development needs
    3. Teaches basic swimming skill needed for self-rescue and how to make good decisions in and around the water
    4. Develops a foundation for correct swimming techniques and other aquatic skills
  3. Junior Swimmers – Intermediate
    1. Enhances the fundamentals so that the student is on their way to becoming a skillful swimmer
    2. Further swimming knowledge to improve their water safety
    3. Improve knowledge and skills in the water to enhance water-based decision making
  4. Swim Squad
    1. Provides an opportunity for skills needed for more access to training in water safety, water rescue, and life guarding classes
    2. Assists a student in becoming a safe and skilled swimmer
    3. Acquisition of theses more advanced knowledge and water skills should be encouraged as these enhance aquatic safety
    4. Develops the skills to use swimming as a lifelong fitness tool
    5. Opens the doors for many safe and fun recreational activities on the water such as motor-boating, tubing, rafting, water skiing, fishing, sailboats, canoes, kayaks, scuba diving, and more
Swim Lesson Registration Form
We may contact you with important information regarding your class.
View descriptions of swim levels here: https://macheraquatics.com/swim-lessons/
Sessions titled with just one month have lessons twice per week - please select either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday below. Sessions titles with more than one month have lessons once per week - please select the day of the week below.
Please select a time of day your swimmer is available to attend. Morning classes range from 8 - 11 AM. Evening classes range from 2:30 - 7:30 PM.
Please give us a second choice for the day you would like you swimmer to attend that we may work with if if your first choice is not available.
If you have a third day that we may look at options for your swimmer as well, please select it here.
Please read carefully before signing. This is a release of liability and waiver of certain legal rights. I am aware that attending or participating in these activities at Macher Swim School involves risk of injury and death. I voluntarily accept and assume all risk arising from my child’s attendance and participation in these activities. Acting on behalf of myself, my family members, all other members of my household, all guests or persons employed by me accompanying the above persons, as well as in the capacity as the legal guardian of the children named above, I hereby agree to release from liability and indemnify and hold harmless Macher Swim School, its coaches, teachers, instructors, officers, directors and employees against any liability resulting from any injury that may occur to the participant while participating in the program. The participant also agrees to indemnify Macher Swim School for any damages incurred arising from any claims, demand, action or cause of action by the participant. The participant authorizes any representative of Macher Swim School to have the participant treated in any medical emergency during their participation in the program. Further, the participant and/or parent/guardian agrees to pay all costs associated with medical care and transportation for the participant. I have noted above and understand it is my responsibility to tell my instructor of any medical/health problems of which they should be aware. I HAVE CAREFULLY READ THE LANGUAGE ABOVE. I UNDERSTAND THIS IS A COMPLETE RELEASE OF ALL LIABILITY AND AN INDEMNITY AGREEMENT, AS WELL AS A PROMISE NOT TO SUE OR MAKE A CLAIM. NO CASH REFUNDS. LETTERS OF CREDIT MAY BE GIVEN WITH A DOCTORS EXCUSE.
Please call the office at 573-875-7946 to confirm your online registration. Please also call if you are registering 3 days or fewer prior to the start of the session or class. Thank you.