Water Safety & Drowning Prevention Tips

  1. Be water smart for your children.  The vast majority of drownings occur when the victim did not intend to go swimming; this is true for children and adults. For children this means the water was entered without an adult’s knowledge.
  2. Beat the statistics In Missouri, drowning is the second leading cause of death for children 5 years old and younger. The first cause is auto accidents.  Most people ‘buckle-in’ their children in the car.  How about getting your child to become a safe and good swimmer?
  3. Supervision should be done by an attentive & responsible adult.  Do not let children supervise children. Children around water should be constantly watched.
  4. Know Rescue Skills as Rescue Breathing & CPR*
  5. Be sure children are strong swimmers this skill could be a life saver for your child or if they continue with their training and become a life guard* their skills could be a life saver for someone else.
  6. With back yard pools provide layers of protection between the living area and the pool. For example: self-closing & locking gates, no toys on deck to attract children to play there, keep items away from outside the fence that might temp children to climb over.
  7. Special situations that need awareness & supervision by adults: Rising creeks, tubs, buckets, etc. Docks, boating, & other types of aquatic recreational equipment…these are always interesting and enticing for children
  8. For more tips see our brochure, ‘Save Your Child’s Life’, available at Macher Swim School.